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Jeanie & Gary Porter: Making Living Better through Health & Wellness
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Welcome to our Shaklee website where the best of science and the natural goodness of God's creation come together to provide God's best for your life.!

I would love to share our Shaklee story with you. We have been using Shaklee products for many years. Our family has enjoyed improved health and wellness as a result of taking the nutritional supplements. I am thankful to God for my boundless energy and good health, evidenced by a recent wellness visit to the doctor where my blood test results were described as wonderful. As a teacher of special education children, I was constantly exposed to many germs and viruses. In 30 years, I called in “sick” only a few times and those were mainly for injuries. At 72 years young, I have more energy and bounce back from colds much faster than people my age. Since I retired from teaching, I continue to enjoy riding horses, gardening, swimming, quilting, playing guitar and violin, and making baskets. Although Gary has had some medical challenges with his back and neck, plus a bout with prostate cancer, overall, he also enjoys good health with few colds. The biggest miracle in our family is our son, Justin, who has Down Syndrome. He was not healthy as a young child, often visiting the doctor 3-4 times a year for antibiotics. At about age 10 he began taking Shaklee supplements and has become quite a healthy young man at 47 years old, far outliving the doctor’s predictions. In spite of a heart defect which has caused pulmonary hypertension, the doctor says his heart is remarkably strong. We give God the glory, but we give Shaklee the credit for combining science and research to provide products which are taken directly from the plants God provided in His creation to build health and wellness in our bodies.

We also love the wonderful cleaning products which provide excellent cleaning without polluting our home or the environment. They are cost effective and they really work. The skin care products have been my favorites for soft, healthy skin for many years. We also enjoy great tasting water from the BestWater purifier and wonderfully clean air from the AirSource. In other words, we have Shakleeized our home and lives.

We invite you to try the products and Shakleeize your home and lives, too. We believe you will like them as much as we do.

God bless!

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